Since 1990

Kompetenz aus 30 Years Worth of Expertise

Since 1990

Kompetenz aus 30 Years Worth of Expertise

„Often times we find ourselves taking detours to happiness, instead of the direct route. During my coaching sessions I will help you identify your personal shortcuts to make you feel happier and more content.“

Ramin Raygan - Life Coach

You most likely have a good reason for coming to this page. Is there something, that is weighing you down? Something that you are looking to finally resolve? Looking for solutions is a good approach. Some things that will help you do so are inner peace, clarity and mental strength.

If you are looking for support during:

  • difficulties in a personal relationship,
  • a challenge in your professional life,
  • a significant life crisis,

after a brief consultation to get to know you and your needs, I will most certainly be able to tell you if I can be of assistance.

Start over in life

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Coaching Options

When you come to my office, you can expect a coaching session in a harmonic setting. Enjoy the welcoming atmosphere and some great coffee or tea. Alternatively, I am also happy to meet with you through Skype, Zoom or over the phone.

  • A coaching session is 90 minutes long. You will receive targeted advice on how to tackle your situation. 350 €
  • With three coaching sessions we can release more of your inner resources. If desired, we can work with hypnosis, NLP and meditation. 900 €
  • During a coaching weekend we can put together a complete life plan. 4.500 €

You are also welcome to use my App to support you with all of your coaching needs. nutzen.

This way you can work with me as your life coach even when we don’t see each other.

I would like to have an initial consultation with Life Coach Ramin Raygan.